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Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice by PatrickBrown

When i typed Fallout 3 into the search bar on dA i was looking for epic pics in this fashion of a kind of last stand against EVERYTHING, and boy does this deliver. I particularly love how he is dual wielding, if there was such a thing in fallout, i imagine this is what it would look like. I also like how the persons face looks, it has a level of badassery not yet seen before. And the level of detail you go to is impressive; every wrinke in his clothes, bloodstains on the jumpsuit, and every notch on the rifle is made. But while this pic is indeed epic, it has a few minor flaws, Mostly with the Behemoth, his skin tone seems a bit off, and even for a behemoth he looks a bit disproportional. I have a little quibble with the dead body soaring into the air, it seems a bit extravagant, but i understand there was no other real place to put it though, so its not too bad. All in all, you did great

P.S. Bonus Points for the little Nuka-Cola Quantams scattered about
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